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How parents can support their children during exams

Author: Mpho Motloung
Publish date: 2 November 2019

We contributed expect advice on parents can support their children during this stressful exam period. Please see the tips below:
For a full article check out Move Magazine, September Edition, page 61

Here are some tips on how parents can support and boost their kids performance during the exams

  1. Talk to your kids about expectations
    It doesn’t help to just say they must pass. Define what a pass should look like and help them get there. 75% in English, 75% in Maths, 80% in English is more specific than saying: "You better pass those exams." This will help you and your child set realistic goals and set out steps on how to achieve these marks. It is important for your child to know exactly what you are expecting from them and what it means to get a certain mark.
  2. Do not compare your child Many parents make a mistake of spending a lot of time talking about a certain cousin who is so smart, and the child should look up to them. Avoid telling your child they should be like so and so. That makes them feel unvalued and that they are not good enough. Instead focus on your child’s strength. Remind them how they passed physics so well in the last exam and that you believe they can do it. Speak only in a positive language that emphasises that you are proud of them no matter what.
  3. Give them a break off some chores
    Many kids have a lot of chores that they are responsible for. However, exam time is already exhausting for children. They also need extra time to study, revise and rest so that they are fresh and ready for the exams. Take them off the dishes duty, if it means you helping them with taking care of the laundry please do that. Allow them time to focus and rest and much as possible.
  4. Get some previous question papers and help them practice
    There are a lot of websites that design and load revision question papers for all school grades. You can also design your own by using your child’s notes and workbooks. This also allows you to spend extra time with your child and might allow you to spot and distress should your child be going through/experiencing exam related stress.
  5. Be interested in them and what they are doing
    What are they doing? What subject are they studying? Which section are they enjoying the most/least? This should give you an idea of where they are struggling and needing help. But is also makes your child see that you are available and you care.

No date for your matric farewell?

Author: Mpho Motloung
Publish date: 23 August 2019

Over the next couple of weeks, Matric learners all over the country will attend their farewell. This anticipated event comes with a lot of pressure for young scholars.
Most feel that it cannot be missed, as it is a time to celebrate all the years they have been together and prepare themselves for the upcoming final exams - and don't forget the girls who wants to flash those beautiful gowns they had planned for throughout High School.

One of the biggest challenges that comes with this event is young people finding themselves without a date. We compiled this list and would like to hear how you have dealt with a similar situation before.

Are you a matric learner that has decided on going to the matric dance without a date? Please share how you got to that decision. Are you a parent and worried about your child stressing over not having a date for the dance? Here are some tips, if you have more please do share with us.

  1. What are other people saying?
    It might not feel like it, but tell you what: Usually there are a lot of people who won't have dates. Listen to what others are saying when this topic is discussed. It's better to ask the right questions, and you might just learn that there are some girls that haven't been asked, or boys that doesn't have the courage to ask a girl out.
    Do your research, and find out who is still looking for a date.
  2. Make EVEN better plans If you decide not to go, make sure you have a good story that is going to amaze people.
    Is there a way that your parents can take you out to a good restaurant? Can you get a ticket to a certain show? Whatever you do, make sure your story is consistent and interesting :)
  3. Go with an outsider
    Is there a distant cousin or a friend from a different school that you can ask?
    Bringing someone your school peers do not know may inspire some well needed envy at this point and is always an option to consider. Look at this option and see your frienemies cringe of jealousy :)
  4. Go Solo
    So, what if everyone has a date? Why not do it alone?
    Ofcourse it would be nice to have someone to take couple photos with and dance with, but trust us, it can be even more fun to go alone as you do not have to report your moves to anyone and you do not have to depend on someone else when you need to leave later on.
    You can also easily hook up with a group of friends that are also there solo.
    You can do so much when you go alone and probably have more fun than everyone else.